Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Robert Kyosakis Lesson Playing Football

Robert Kyosaki played football in high school. His highschool had a great team. Robert sat on the bench most of the time.
One day he planned on quitting because he thought the coach had it with him. He thought that he was not liked. Of course his feelings were hurt. However, the assistant coach approached him and had a talk with him and asked if he knows why he was not allowed to play? Robert did not know the answer.
The answer was that his teammate wanted the position more than he did. His teammate had the spirit and Robert did not.
Robert still felt like quitting but instead for the next couple of weeks he practiced harder than ever and was focused. He made more tackles and intercepted two passes during his practice session which was hard for a lineman. He was still on the bench but felt better.
His highschool team was on the road and the regular lineman broke his arm. Then the coach turned to the bench and told him that he was in.
Robert Kyosaki learned whatever he wanted in life was up to him. There was no one in his way. If he wanted something he can't have just desire. Robert needs to know what it takes to be a winner before you can win. If you expect to get what you want for no reason, you are acting like you want something for nothing. Its a difference of expecting to be a starting player and being a starting player.
Robert learned the lesson from Mr.Clark which was the name of the assistant coach that in order for him to change his results he needed to re-evaluate himself and what he is dedicated to in playing the game. Once his thoughts and attitude changed then his action changed.
If Robert feels like a loser like he is weak and thinks the world is not fair or doesn't pay attention to him, he simply recalls his talk with the assistant coach. Then he works on his mind, then his actions and afterwards his results.

To your Success
Lawrence Bergfeld