Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Creating Business Relationships In MLM Today Or Die

To do business with someone in mlm today you need to build relationships with them. You need to listen to them and find out what do they want. While you give your presentation the prospects thoughts are the following.

Are you someone whom they have common interests with? Do they appreciate your behavior in what you say and what you do? Can you explain to them the business in the tone of voice that you understand what you are doing? Because remember they have contacts and they do not want to look bad. They want to deal with a winner. Someone who is a team player, a coach looking after other peoples needs. Leaders solve the problems. They have a mastermind whom they ask their questions too. Just like Bill Gates, he did not have all the right answers when he did his business. He went to his mastermind group to ask them. That way their belief in their business increases.

Now its time to get down to business. Can I do what you did? Do you have a training call that I can plug into or any systems in place? Most of the prospects work during the day and they have limited time to do something about their situation. They need to see if they are able to expose their business to others and if they can meet their goals based on the number of people they need in their organization to earn a certain amount of money that they want to have each month.

Do not be someone who does closing techniques, pleasing them or go on and on with your business. If you are trying to sell someone don't do it. You can lose your reputation big time and one person who was not satisified with doing business with you tells 25 other people and that damages your reputation in minutes.

You do not want to work with someone else who is desperate. He can ruin your organization by putting out his negativity. There is enough negativity during the day at the prospects day job with his boss. You do not need someone who is disturbing your life. You want to go after the people who are successful, social proof and understand business.

Your goal is not to get them into your deal, your goal is to mentor them. When the timing is right for the prospect and when he wants to join your business, he will sell himself.

To your Success
Lawrence Bergfeld

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  1. Hey Lawerence

    We can all be so excited, stressed, in debt that without the correct training we easily fall into that category of "desparate", "pushy", "salesman".

    You are so right, its a right time / place / people, MLM is about people joining people.

    To your success
    Julie :-)