Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Top MLM Secrets Revealed Is To Be A Critical Thinker With Enthusiasm

One of the top mlm secrets revealed is having enthusiasm on your journey while applying your critical thinking skills. This morning I have listened to a conference call with Bob and Anna Bassett. They have read an article today regarding Steve Jobs. In Steve Jobs article he mentioned that you can have the greatest product on the planet but if you can not communicate it to your prospect you will get nowhere.
I bet that you are asking yourselves what does this have to do with network marketing? Here is the reason why the answer is a lot. First of all there is an old saying that the rich people build networks while the poor and middle class people spend their time looking for work. Steve Jobs had 24 hours in a day just like we did. Of course he became wealthy but what matters to us is choosing the right players for our team.
First of all how do we know that we are in the right company? When we enter a network marketing company we have to read our policies and procedures. Just because people buy into the hype of time freedom and financial freedom that the company says there is a specific catch that I want to share with you. What if you are currently in a company where it says in your policies and procedures that you are responsible for your downlines mistakes and you do not know that?
The answer my friend is that they can terminate you after you have spent five years putting time and money into building your company. For instance while you are taking your dream vacation in Italy they can terminate your contract for being away so then all your enthusiasm is wasted.
Of course you must have passion and vision and enthusiasm in your company or else nobody is going to follow you. But do not think that you do not have to do your homework just because you are good friends with someone. You must do your research first to question yourself with respect to whether or not you are in the right company. The following statement may shock you but I suggest that you do yourself a big favor and go back to your policies and procedures and read it even if you think you are very happy in your company.
The rest of the networking rules of the game remain the same. You have to build a strong relationship with your prospect using the Secret Language Of Prospects. First of all know the color of your prospect. That means speaking the same language as he does. If he speaks blue then you speak blue, if he speaks green then you speak green. If you do not speak their language you will get nowhere fast whether you decide to bring up your business or not.
When they complain about something you do not tell how great your product or company is. You ask them "have you considered doing something about it?" And if you see that it is not an appropriate spot like when there is a line at the grocery store or if you are at a party then make an appointment only if they say yes: Here is what I have learned from Pat Hintze: We are at a party right now, lets talk later on. At the end of the party you exchange numbers and set up an appointment. You will be invited next time and you will have a chance to share what you have with your new friend.
Another attractive sentence to bring up to your prospect at the party is "I just found out how to earn an extra paycheck each week, if you ever would like to know how I will be glad to tell you meanwhile pass the potato chips." and for your product is "I just found out how we can lose weight if you ever would like to know how I will be glad to tell you, meanwhile lets go watch TV." Remember not to dump information and set the appointment the way I described in the previous paragraph.
Remember to act like you are having fun. Because if you are not having fun in this business you are not doing it right. If someone needs to be motivated and says that this business does not work that is really not the case. You can only sit on the bench or dance on the bench but there is no such thing as a dancing bench. One has to be enthusastic about whatever activity he or she does. The main question is that will it bring me the results that I want to have?
Almost 40 years ago when Tom Big Al Schrieter failed miserably in building his business, he was asked by his sponsor these three critical questions: Do you have the same territory as the person sitting next to you? He said yes. Do you have the same compensation plan? Tom said Yes. Are you given the opportunity to learn skills? Tom said yes. The last question was the most critical one out of all of them. So then Tom Big Al Schrieter took the bull by the horn and learned the skills from the three day workshop he went to and in 60 days he built from zero to full time income.
Art Jonak mentioned about Tom Big Al Schrieter that he had to learn how to be funny because he used to be a nerdy engineer. So what did Tom Big Al Schrieter to for the enthusiasm that he wanted to have? Tom Big Al Schrieter took a course on how to be funny? Who cares about the course description, he put it to use. What does that tell us? That anything we put our mind to by being a critical thinker with enthuisasm will attract the intelligent people who will then be tommorows leaders.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Keep Your People Or DIE!
Lawrence Bergfeld

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