Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rushing Your Prospect Is The MLM Truth To Downfall

When you are a leader in mlm a fundamental mlm truth is that you can not rush your prospect.
Here is what you have to mention to him when sharing your story. You have to tell him to take a deep breath. You must say to him that he should not care about why you do the business. He needs to realize that it is he who is going to be the one who will succeed and he will fail.
Lets say you have a promotion in your business. You still want to maintain that compsure of being someone who does not have an agenda. What you want to tell him in that case is that we are having a promotion take a look at what its about and that is it for the presenting part of it.
When you decide to follow up with the promotion within a two to three days time period you should ask him, what did you like about what you read? If he says it was interesting, okay or whatever then leave him alone. The timing was not right for him.
My good friend and mentor Marcello Lisi was training us today and he was saying that my company does not matter at this time. All we care about is helping you be successful in whatever company you are in. Your prospect is used to getting pitched by other people in network marketing. That is why 95% of all network marketers are failing these days.
96% of the people have full time jobs. What they want to know is a SYSTEM where they can plug into and generate leads within an hour. Lets say that their work schedule is 7 am-7 pm. That is 12 hours a day. And it takes them 1 hour to come home and a half hour to eat. That leaves them from 9 pm-10 pm to work on their business.
They want to use that hour the most productively because if there is no pay then there is no stay. During the day at work they have during break times and throughout the schedule all kinds of negativity comming at them. From coworkers talking about the news to their bosses negative reaction. They have heard enough about that.
What they need to have is to plug into a 30 day mental cleanse call where they can stop the chatter in their mind or else they will stay behind. If they can not make the recorded calls we have it recorded each week where they can listen to it on their leisure or burn it to a CD or listen to it on an MP3 player.
Apply all this by putting yourself into a prospects situation and then you will have empathy with him and you will not have to ask anybody to join your business. Also with application of this they will come to you and ask you if they can join you in your business.
I will see you guys at the top.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Keep Your People Or DIE!
Lawrence Bergfeld

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