Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Use Colors To Success When Sponsoring Prospects Or Go To Sleep!!!

This morning I have listened to the CD on the Colors To Success recorded by my friend and Mentor Michael Dloughy. That taught me that you can not talk the same way to everyone when sponsoring them in your network marketing business. If you do that you may as well go to sleep. You have to learn how to become a chameleon that is knowing how to talk to all four colors, which are the yellow, the blue, the red and the green. And beware that 90% of the population is sales resistant meaning that they do not like being sold.
The yellow personality works like this. They are the schoolteachers, the nurtures and the ones who build relationships best. They are the ones who would pick up an animal if they find it on the side of the road and give it to a shelter home. Yellows have pictures of their family in the office. They help the homeless and are always giving. Yellow personalities are the ones who are the best team players, they eat whatever you eat in a restaurant and they are the ones who are best listeners. When you ask them about their jobs they are proud of the relationships that they have built. Yellows take no personally. Think about the coffee story, lets say me and you and your wife went out to breakfast together and the waitress pours some coffee and you say no. The waitress does not take it personally. Another thing is that they buy other peoples excuses. To sponsor them build a strong relationship and give them powerful testamonials on your products.
The blue personality is the personality that likes to have fun. If they would be an animal they would be a monkey!! They love taking vacations, they dress in Hawaiann shirts and they drive fast!! Blues are the life of the party and they talk to everyone!!! Lets have fun. When they go shopping they have buyers remorse. They fall many times for the hype. Blues are the ones who have occupations like is sales of any kind. They are natural promoters. When sponsoring a blue get them to be focused by putting them with a mastermind group so that they can slow down the chatter in their mind. The blues hate being sold. So give them your testamonials and build a strong relationship with fun, fun and fun because they do not do anything that is boring and they can not stand facts and figures. They just want the big picture and let them go with it!!!
The green personality is the accountant, engineers and anything to do with numbers. When asked what they do for a living they will say the budget was overstated or understated based on my calculations. They believe that if you want to have more money get a degree, degree, degree. What they would do with the money that they earned is put their kids through college. They are awesome people to sponsor in the business because they are excellent at following up with their tasks and they are focused. You have to mentor them because they overanalyze, procrastinate and are slow on making decisions. Tell them this story when mentoring them and ask them do you speak your reality into existence? Ask them is try, maybe, possibly, could, we will see powering or disempowering words? Always they say it is disempowering, especially if they had said it 17 times in a conversation because it is a curse. It turns everyone away from you and makes them think that you do not know what you are doing in life. So the solution is to put positive energy out to the universe because bees will be attracted to you like honey!!!!
The red personality is the personality that is the one who says it is his way or the highway. They are the ones who are the president of the bank, the CEO, the millitary leader and are the bosses. Reds are the ones who control the conversation and put people in fear. That is why that people run from them away because they do not want to be dominated, they want to make their own choices. The reds have their strengths by being a natural born leader, risk taker, quick decisions and focused. Michael once received a telephone call from a red because it shifted his paradigm. Michael asked him how long has he been doing this for? The red answered that he did for 7 years. And what was the result? The result was no duplication. And Michael told him that 90% of the people will run from you because they can't stand your pushy aggressive mouth!! Another story was a red at a convention and she communicated excellently with everyone because she aced the colors to success!! Therefore give them the colors to success CD because that way they can learn how to talk to all four different personalities and become a chameleon. When sponsoring them tell them that I do not know if you can do it or not and just let them go and do it!!!
All of this will answer the two main questions that your prospects is thinking. Can I do this and can you teach me? If you share this with your downline and they repeat, you can build a big home business!! See you at the top!!

Learn How To Think Critically
Lawrence Bergfeld

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