Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Thursday, June 3, 2010

You Have Bad Driving Directions Without Value

You need to give value to other people on social networking sites or else you are going in the direction of the dinosaurs. People these days are fed up with being pitched on a product that grows hair back on bald heads and grows back amputated arms, and they get turned off by hype like my home business is the best and your company is the best. Stop dissing each other out like kids at junior high school and learn to give value online. Here is a thing to begin with. You need to remember that if you read an article you can say your opinion about it just like you do in a regular conversation offline with anyone else. You can also add what you learned elsewhere to it so that people can learn from you. The key is this. You may not hear from someone immediately but do it day by day, due to the fact that in year from now, two years or whenever the person who you made the comment about can ask you what you do and be interested in you and no one else. That is because you acted as a leader. And by the way don't forget picture comments. A picture is worth a thousand words and you can make it better with a comment on that as well. The process repeats itself.
Do comment on one article or blog or video per day. And here is a tip. Be the first one to comment in a new forum because there will be there who will ask about you. First come first serve!! That makes your network marketing business grow and you as a person as well.

Learn How To Think Critically
Lawrence Bergfeld

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