Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Thursday, September 30, 2010

You Must Be Emotional Or Else You Are Toast In Network Marketing Today

In network marketing today you must be planting your seeds with feelings or else you are going to get no where. You can not hide from prospects the truth. There is an old saying that dogs know whom to bite and what food does not taste good. Turn your mental VCR back in time to your days in day camp. Remember that kid on the bus whom you did not get along and he said to you something like "you have a bad taste", that is because you probably said the wrong things to him when you first met him. It takes 30 seconds for anyone in any situation to have an impression on you for good. It does not matter whether you meet someone at the store, at your local club, at your job, your interview, or even you meeting someone else for the first time. When you are talking with clients before you even bother picking up the phone you have to make sure that your goals are in check first. Because it all starts with you. Your prospect does not care about anything else. He can tell if you are not a goal oriented person or if you are someone who is below his level of thinking when 30 second time limit is done. Your first sentence is everything. You have to have a smile in your voice whether it is on the phone, in person, and even in writing with e-mail. Otherwise you will be attracting rotten prospects whom you have to call every single month to close over and over again. And the good prospects will avoid you like the plague and work with someone who is most successful.

That is why you must learn the Colors To Success. My friend and Mentor Michael Dloughy taught me that. We have three times a week a live leads call where we can call clients with you. The only way to learn is by doing, no other way around it. If you decide to join us here is what will happen. You will learn how to determine what turns a prospect on and what makes him want to throw up. Every time we do a call Michael asks us, how do you feel on it. Because if you feel like they want to get rid of you or whatever. You then need to use your own best judgement as to what you are going to do next. If you do not you must be aware of the consequences. A typical prospect knows up to 250 people and if he has a bad impression about you then he is going to tell 20 people and those 20 also know 250 and a bad word can spread like cancer. Ask yourself what if personal development was not there for you? What would you need to know? You would need to be streetwise and what I have given you is a start only if you use it.

Build Your All Star Team Today
Lawrence Bergfeld

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