Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Avoid Excusemakers Or Get Destroyed!!!!

The people who make excuses that things can not be done do not know what they are talking about. Lets say people say that they do not have time to start their own business. That is an excuse. An excuse is filled with a lie behind it. Take for instance the busy real estate broker who works 12-14 hours per day selling million dollar houses 7 days a week. He does not listen to anybody who does not have time. He makes the time to work his business by sacrificing his lunch hour and right after work the first hour he dedicated to his business even if it is 9:00 PM at night. That is how he answers the question as to how can he make the time to build his business to enjoy the life style with his family.

Losers are the people who are the ones who you have to avoid like the plague. They do not talk about thoughts and ideas. They have no topic in particular to speak about so therefore they talk about people to just get attention. If you listen to anything that they tell you they are going to rent space into your head. That does not do you any good because if you do not use your mind, you lose it and eventually your brain dies out from not getting new information into it. Rather read a good book because you learn something new and are exercising your mind. At some point someone will be talking about what you read or your can share that idea with someone else.

When someone keeps brining a topic over and over again to you constantly let them know that you will not speak to them anymore if they bring that subject up. If they are a true friend they will talk about something else, if not then avoid them like the plague!!

Learn How To Think Critically
Lawrence Bergfeld


  1. You are so right Lawrence. Success is a decision. Once a person decides to succeed, nothing will stand in the way. Just do it!!

  2. Hi Lawrence,
    it's a problem if we give people the power to stop us. So if there's really no other way, we need to avoid them. Period.
    Take care