Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Difference Between A Great Leader and A Non Leader

The difference between a great mlm leader and an unleader is this. A great leader is someone who is plugging into the training calls, does what his mentor tells him he needs to do to get to where he wants to go to and takes massive action which brings massive results. A leader is someone who is clearing his mind in all situations and not letting anything or anybody control his life. He is asked to do requests that does not have to do with his business and he knows how to say no.
If you have trouble getting that consider this. A woman says that her time is limited. She is always clear about that. Especially when it comes to dating guys and even being a friend of theirs. She knows how to seperate the guys who are leaders from the guys who pester her, which she considers the followers. The woman knows that the guy who does things for her to keep her from moving forward, just to get her attention is not worth her time. There is almost always another guy in the picture. She approaches the guy who is busy and tells her that I am busy right now working or whatever, can you call me later. That is because he is intelligent not only socially but he is selective of how much time he can spend with her and does not react to the things that tend to ruin his day and stress him. He also is someone to follow because he knows what he is doing and has a mission to accomplish.
A non leader is someone who questions everything, has to get things proven over and over again, procrastinates and responds to all requests instead of taking priorities. He is the one who blames others when things do not go well and he does not prioritize. He also has trouble saying no for fear that others will not hang out with him anymore. That is why the women laugh at the non leaders and when they see him they will run!!!!
In network marketing you need to be a leader and go select the most busiest people you know. They are the ones who can be more likely trusted than the non busy ones. They know that they have a set schedule on when is work time, when is their business time and when is their free time. They are not the ones who behave like alcoholics and watch the television when others do just to get their mind ruined. They are the ones who will do the presentation and will ask how can I make the time to do it when they have limited time.

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Lawrence Bergfeld

Lawrence Bergfeld

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