Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Monday, May 24, 2010

How To Attract Money Using The Law Of Attraction

Today I have listened to a CD called the Secret Of Attracting Money Written By Joe Vitale. I learned that it does not have to do with how the economy is, or if you have a job or not, it has to do with you. Five years ago he gave advice to a guitarist who could not even pay his rent. The reason is because he has traveled all over the country and in Europe playing music & just getting $50 for the performance and not making $ through royalties. The guitarist changed what he was doing by listening to Joe Vitale, by him making several CD's of orginal music that he composed and sold it in a seminar to people in just a few hours!!! He earned a bang. Then later a million copies were sold of it!!!
I also learned that you have to believe you can have something before starting to take action 100%. Then you have to start visulalizing yourself being the successful person you want to be. Afterwards you have to just keep doing it and doing it until the job gets done because success love speed!!! You must remember though to be detatched to the outcome, by not needing to have the money. If you need the money people can smell desperation even those who are not involved with you and they will either taunt you or avoid you like the plague. You do not want to have that!!! But that still does not mean that you twiddle with your thumbs and do nothing.
You want to just go for it no matter how long it takes and when you do it, you then do not stop!!!!

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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  1. Lawrence,

    Great blog on using the law of attraction to attract money to you. I have used the law of attraction successfully not only to attract money, but people, successful business deals and other personal things.

    Edward Pena