Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Good MLM Tip Is Listening To Stories And Relating Them To Other Life Experiences

I got a good mlm tip. Everybody knows that we are all hard wired because ever since early childhood we have been programmed to want to hear stories. Lets say for instance every song that we hear. Every song has a story in it. Why do we sing parts of a song subconciously? We remember the lyrics to a section. Lets say for instance Michael Jacksons song Man In The Mirror. I recall when it stops in the middle of it and it goes "I am going to make a change, its going to feel real good Shimor Change better let yourself you know, you got to stop it yourself... Make that change!" Also at proms lets say back in highschool they song a Spanish song and there was a part where the DJ gave the Microphone to the crowd to finish the rest and went back is a another example.

Point is this: When we take the parts of a story whether it is a song or not and relate to other things we can open up new doors for conversation, blogging, articles and mlm success stories!!! We can learn not to quit from this story.
My former colleauge Eddie had a son who was an excellent baseball player and hit a ball a block long!! Eventually he was sent a letter by the New York Yankees to come and try out. He failed to show up. I do not know him personally but I do know that everything happens for a reason.

That little inner voice was telling him you can't do that. His father told me that he had become a police officer and I asked the father at the time is he unhappy with that? The father said no. But the point is this his life would in the long run be much more fruitful if he chose the first option of being a major league baseball player. That is similar to Uncle Darby who quit three feet from gold.

Be a leader and get the mlm truth by not quitting on your dreams. Make them come true and ignore the naysayers. See you at the top!!!

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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