Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Monday, November 1, 2010

Be Persistent And Do Not Quit Building Your Best MLM Business

My good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy returned last night from the Network Marketing Mastermind Event in Houston Texas. He heard the top Network Marketers speak there and found out one thing that they all had in common with respect to building their best mlm business. That was persistence. They never gave up no matter how steep the road has been. Their income comes from three four key leaders who did not give up either. Since the time their leaders joined them in business it has taken them from the range of 18 months to 36 months for them to start building. Everybody knows that in network marketing today most networkers quit on their downline because they think that time period is too slow. Big mistake!! Maybe they have other issues going on in their lives right now and the timing may not be right for them or they are still reinventing the wheel. You do not know what you do not know.

Also since network marketing is no different from dating someone then they should keep in mind that there always comes a new distributor. And they fail to realize that the people who will make them the big money are people whom they do not even know yet. Therefore they should quit worrying about what their family says, or their friends say or anyone else whom they know. The main idea you should ask yourself is this: We only are responsible in any network marketing company to do two things. Gather a few customers and teach others to do the same thing. If everybody applied the fact that they recommend and promote every day but they haven't collected the check, it would make the world a better place for you and for me. In Michael Dlouhy's e-book Success in Ten Steps he describes that it takes a doctor to get educated for 8 years before he has a chance to earn income and in network marketing in 8 years a networker if he has followed our recepie can earn at least ten times the amount that a doctor does. Why give up? Why turn your life over to the government or an employer that uses you? "Did you know that most Americans at age 65 have a negative net worth?" It makes no sense. The price of success weighs ounces while the price of TONS!!

Be the person who says I am glad I did. Rather than I wish I had!!! The way you can do it is by the plan, do, review adjust method. Do not be wishy-washy, be someone who reviews their plan & spots where they went wrong and makes adjustments by going in the right driving direction!! Time to get back on track for everyone!!! And remember that success is a journey where you keep on growing NOT a destination. Like Napoleon Hill says in his book Think And Grow Rich "The person who stops studying is doomed for mediocricity." Don't be average, be a SUPERSTAR!!!!

See you at the top!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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