Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The MLM Truth For Everyone Is To Get Rid Of The Elephant In Da Brain!!!

Everybody knows that the mlm truth is to get rid of the elephant in your brain. In other words your subconcious mind rules thousands of peoples lives. You were not born with it. When you were a baby your hard drive was empty. But people who influenced you had contaminated it. I bet you want to figure out how to get rid of those pathetic thoughts. First of all you have to say your self talk out loud to cut the negativity out of your brain. Next is that you have to have in your mind all the positive emotions to move forward. They are Faith, Desire, Sex, Love, Enthusiasm, Hope, Prosperity and Abundance.

Another network marketing truth is that everybody says that the minute you open your mouth is the time when you are training your prospect. He is going to make his decision NOT based on the facts but based on emotion. So you must have the positive emotions in there when speaking to him.

There is an old saying that everyone wants to be a part of something big in network marketing today. Whether or not someone is negative or positive they want someone whom they can follow. That is a role model or a mentor. That means that they do not want to hear information, information, information. They want to be able to point their prospects to the third party tool. The leaders who spend less time on the phone and more time prospecting and signing people in a given week or day are the ones who win.

The ones that have to get their act together are the ones who are procrastinating. Napoleon Hill in Think And Grow Rich says that Indecision and Procrastination are two twin brothers. It is the same meaning. Guess how that happened. It has to do with the subconcious mind. Lets say for instance your why is to be able to earn an extra paycheck so that you can take that vacation with your kids and you for whatever silly reason delay doing your business. Subconciously you are telling your kids no. Like I have mentioned in previous blogs the Slight Edge, it could go on the downside as well.

The more times you say no to your kids the more they will say later on no to you later in life. So indecision and fear both blend into doubt. Therefore you must do whatever it takes to be an mlm champion for your family whether or not you feel like it. Never let your emotions rule you because many people who let that start out comfortable at the very begining end up uncomfortable at the end.

This is what Randy Gage mentioned. "Be enthusiastic to attract your top five leaders so that your five legs should be chasing after you and do the things that other people will not do so that you can hit the beach when others can't."

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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