Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Champion MLM Secret Is To Be A Critical Thinker By Thinking Outside The Box!!

The number one mlm secret is to be a critical thinker. Everybody knows that successful people do tasks to build their empires while unsuccessful people watch television while having their Jack Daniels Whiskey. Henry Ford had to tell the college graduate engineers to produce the V8 engine but the graduates whined that it was impossible. By the third time Henry told them to do it, he had enough of talking to the wall. Because of that he told them to go mastermind with the workers on the assembly line. They masterminded and teamed up with the assembly line workers and the mission was accomplished.

What does this have to do with us? We are told by our friends and family that it is not normal to be involved in a network marketing business. What we should have in mind is how do they know? Have they done their research? The answer is no. It is unspoken but they want to save you from being successful because they themselves are not. Just like when one crab tries to escape from the bucket the other crabs drag the departing back into the bucket.

In life as well we have to also think outside the box. We can not listen to anyone who just tells us what to do, we have to ask ourselves. What value are we getting out of this? Because they can sabotage our business by sucking our energy with their convincing ways.

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