Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Here Are Three Large MLM Success Secrets For Sweet Victory

To get your sweet victory in mlm you are going to have to apply these three mlm success secrets or else you will get nowhere fast! They are a long term vision, delayed gratification and compounding.
A long term vision means that you must be creating your own tommorow right this minute. Ask yourself is this activity in the direction of making my dream become reality? If it isn't drop it that very second and do something else due to the fact that the defintion of insanity means doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. You obviously live once and why should you be wasting your time doing things that you don't get paid for. Do yourself a big favor and ask yourself where do you want to be in three years. Because every single day you are making decisions that will affect your life ten, twenty, thirty years down the road and those decisions will affect generations. In this business you do not need to reinvent the wheel because many people despite what the critics and naysayers said, became superstars!! If you choose to reinvent the wheel your upline is going to choose to work with someone else.
Delayed gratification is doing yourself a favor and paying the price today to have massive success tommorow. That means going on 90 day runs and doing these two things: Gathering a few customers and teaching other people to do the same thing. It does not matter if you have a family or not. Do not use that as an excuse not to do your business. If you are making excuses you will be trading time for money, which means that you have to work overtime and on weekends which means less time with your children. Too many people take for granted that we obviously live once. Do not despair if you failed in the past. Your past is dead. The way that you need to go about taking action is by doing these for steps. Plan, do, review and adjust. The people whom you want to approach in this business are the ones who are looking for a change in their lives and the ones who respect you & vice versa. Do not assume because someone has money that he is happy. People who are working as financial analysts and doctors make good money but they have to work their butts off and can not spare a second on the phone for their family at work or else their boss will kick them out. Have your list of people whom you want to contact the night before because if you sound like you are finished cramming with that or anything else, people will notice it on the phone and it is going to be game over for you. That is with planning. Building rapport is establishing a relationship if you do not have one and showing them the business. Review is doing what you have done and adjusting is learning from your mistakes and not doing it next time around. Remember when you apply those steps and sacrifice yourself today so that every day can be a birthday then you will say to yourself I am glad I did. However, if you put it on the backburner then the price of regret weighs tons and you will say that I wish I had.
Compounding is starting a new representative off correctly meaning that in his first 48 hours you give him a plan for getting his initial investment back so that he should get free autoship each month. Lets say your company asks you to get three customers on autoship, ask him to make a list in categories. Who does he know who wants to lose weight? Then have him contact that person and approach him like this: I just found out how we can lose weight by eating cookies, if you ever would like to know how I will be glad to tell you meanwhile please pass the peas. Have him get his first three customers on autoship and then he will not have the distraction of spending money for over head. Then he will be likely to sponsor someone very soon and teach him the same thing because he already has a story to share. Lets say it happened twice a month for the next 12 months. That will be a total of 2048 reps on autoship. With compounding your goal is to have an organization like Tom Big Al Schrieter where 95% of your organzation does not know your name!!
Use these three mlm success secrets and build your organization once and big!! See you at the top!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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  1. Hi Lawrence,
    "Plan, do, review and adjust" is a great way to add up what we need to do. It helps to focus on my daily activities and keeps me on the positive side.
    Anything does not turn out how it suppose to be can be adjusted.
    Keep up the great spirit!
    Marie Varadi