Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Top Network Marketing Secret Is To Use Specialized Knowledge

For you to build your home business big you must use specialized knowledge just like Christopher Columbus had. Everybody laughed at Columbus when he told them the world was round. Specialized knowledge was not a guessing game for him. It was him studying tradewinds to determine which way the wind was blowing. The kings did not believe him. He told them not to send their ships to certain locations due to the fact that he was able to determine where were the hurricaines and they were not. When he found out how the wind blew he sailed his ships in the right direction. It was a big risk. His ships were very small they were the Nina, The Pinta and the Santa Maria. I don't know how many people went with him on his ships but it was very crowded when the folks were on board. Mission accomplished and he made it.

My friend Michael Dlouhy had emphasized this afternoon an application of specialized knowledge with respect to network marketing this afternoon. Before he began Mentoring For Free, he built to the top of two network marketing organizations and both of them have crumbled because of the company owners greed and ego by stealing his downline and his bonus check. Those two occasions occured within a five year period and he figured that you can not get hit by lighting twice, in order words it is not an accident that it happened. Here is what Michael has done.

Michael Dlouhy has joined over 100 network marketing companies to determine if they were legible or not. Dlouhy had found out that the owners were making money off the representatives backs by selling them cassette tapes which worked five years ago, ten years ago but not today. And he had studied the policies and procedures meaning that they can terminate you anytime if they wanted to. Also he spotted companies where people would not buy the product in the company. If you are going to buy a product that a customer needs every month like vitamins it has to sell every month or else people are not going to buy it just so that they can get an extra check.

In any area of your life it does not have to be in particular you mlm opportunity, you have to possess the specialized knowledge to help your client out. Lets say for instance your career is a bookkeeper, you must know how to do the worksheet to prepare the financial statements for the company. You also must be able to analyze them but more important to the company it has to have positive cash flow or else the company has to get rid of its employees because then they can not pay them their salaries.

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