Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trust Is First MLM Compensation Plan Is Second

Before anyone decides to bother looking at your mlm compensation plan they have to trust you or else they will put their headphones on. Trust is doing exactly what you say that you are going to do and not doing anything different. Trust is doing things that are ethical in business and of course things that are socially acceptable. It only takes one offense to ruin your reputation. If you are dishonest or are unreliable not doing what you said, people will not believe what you say because you did not deliver. If you are needy which is calling people when they do not return your call for whatever reason, you can not be trusted either. People avoid others who are too predictable. Since network marketing today is no different from dating on the internet and off the internet we must take a look at women. The biggest complaint women give when surveyed is dealing with that needy man, it makes her look bad. There is an old saying that men were always the ones who would go out and work while the women would always raise the children. Even though women are working today, subconciously they follow that same philosophy with respect to dating and marriage. One guy who was married and needy was told by his wife, that he needs a mother not a wife!! You can not trust a needy person to be around because he is a distracting influence.

You want to get to know the person by persuading him which is asking him questions about him, because what is the most important thing that people like to talk about? The answer is themselves. So if you ask them about how long they are in business, what they do in the real world and if they have kids. Then they are going to want to open up to you. Remember even if you have an excellent conversation the first time you speak with a prospect a rule of thumb is to give a prospect three chances. If after the first conversation he is not committed then forgive, second time say ok, third time. For the first time you contact him is about a 48-72 follow up period, second time four days later. Third a week later. Then six months.

These guidelines on trust will work only if you use it!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

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