Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Friday, October 22, 2010

Stop Struggling Today MLM Help Is Here Whether You Are Far Or Near

Everybody knows that there is mlm help with Mentoring For Free. However some people still do not get the mlm truth they need to hear. Why is that? The reason is this. Many people have been screwed up all these years ever since they were ten inches tall, and they came into this industry with this garbage make up stories. Well my good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy had his check stolen twice in his career. On both occasions he built to the top of the payplan only to find out that his organization was wrecked. He then found out that it was not an accident. So then what he did was join one hundred companies to see what worked and what did not work. And he found out that policies and procedures were written by the attorneys to protect the company owners from getting into trouble for doing illegal things. Most network marketers know that their policies and procedures are over 10-100 pages long. However they do not bother paying attention to it and neither does their upline. When on occasion a distributor asks what is it the upline mistakenly says do not worry about it without even knowing the consequences. If you are someone who is making lets say $1000 per month it is trouble of course, however if you are a top money earner it is even BIGGER TROUBLE because if the company needs to have a bigger building or a fancy car just to show off to their friends how good they are. I know of a company where it says in the policies and procedure 29 times termination. And when the company requires that you sell each month by saying ongoing sales is another sign of trouble, due to the fact that you gather customers one time and get paid on what you did once forever!!! The ongoing sales is not the name of the game, you are not a grocery store where you go to work every day and get paid, and if you do not show up you get nothing. Do yourself a big favor if you need any help reading your policies and procedures contact us as soon as you can. Why waste time going through the same troubles Michael had? Makes no sense.
In addition buying leads is a scam as well. When you buy leads you are literally getting tainted blood into your life. Those people are the ones who have been resold, and resold and in their eyes you are a follower not a leader. People have goals, desires and dreams. Why bother doing it, if 95% of the worlds population does not like being sold? No sense. You obviously do not receive something for nothing. Rather study people with the Colors To Success. You will find out what turns a prospect on and what turns him off. It is not exclusive to mlm, you have to know it in life as well or else people can keep a distance from you and you will not understand why.
For you to get a stream of prospects when you are not at your computer, you gotta learn not only keyword research and getting your article #1 on google. But you must have backlinks as well. It makes your rank highest on google, but more importantly it brings more traffic. Lets say you go away on a weekend trip, you have leads waiting for you to call them when you return. It is what happens today.
If you are doing what has worked five years ago and ten years ago along with your home meetings and hotel meeting you are just wasting your time. People will say I am busy and it will not duplicate.
Clear your mind today with our 30 day mental cleanse on Wednesdays due to the fact that there is an old saying that to make more you have to become more. You have to become the person whom prospects will want to be attracted to and ask you to sponsor them, NOT vice versa. Abraham Lincoln said he would spend twice as much time sharpening the ax then using it. That is personal development time for 4 hours and business time for 2 hours.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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