Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Saturday, October 16, 2010

How To Determine The Best Network Marketing Company

Here is how you determine the best network marketing company. The president of your company must be willing to listen to your ideas on how he and his staff can improve the organization. The people running in the company can not have any greed and ego by bragging to everyone what they have built. There is an old saying that you can not fool most people, because it will bite you in the back. Without the distributors gathering customers and sponsoring people who repeat the process the company is nothing. The only responsibility the company has is to send you a check each week along with products each month, nothing else. Everybody says that the company owners are lying through their teeth when they show off their fancy cars. Due to the fact that they did not do anything.
My good friend and mentor Michael Dloughy used to do consulting for network marketing companies and here is what he found out at the time about a particular service company. At the time there were 100 people in the company who signed up for the service. Within 90 days 96 people were gone due to the fact that the people have not used it. He then told the people do get the workers to stop playing solitare and contact the people who signed up for the service and explain to them what would happen to them when they used it. They paid Michael for the consulting but by the time the workers contacted the product users it was too late to get them back. As a result of that the company owners got into Massive debt due to the fact that they paid too little to the distributors in the field and when the distributors were gone, the owners could not afford to upkeep the buildings.
If it had been distributors first company second then none of the damage would happen. They should have had low overhead and pay most of the money back into the distributors pockets!!

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  1. so true, find a good company especially with a great support system and mentor...