Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Network Marketing Today With A Plan Of Action

In network marketing today you organize the knowledge that you learn and put it into a plan of action no later than 24 hours of acquiring it because 70% of the information is fresh in your mind. If you do it after 24 hours the knowledge gets lost and your enthusiasm decreases and your fear increases. Because fear is one of the negative emotions described in Napoleon Hills book Think and Grow Rich and one thought brings more negative thoughts and destroys success, there is no other way around putting the specialized knowledge into action within the 24 hour hour rule.
Here is a word picture for you to keep in mind when acquiring the specialized knowledge. Pretend that you are a baseball umpire. You have to know when to call a ball and when to call a strike during a nine inning ball game. During the game you squat hundreds of times and you can not focus if your knee hurts. There is an old saying that what you focus on expands. And if you say in your mind "my knee hurts, my knee hurts," guess what is going to happen? Your knee will hurt even more. You must be in the NOW, focusing on the task at hand 110%. If you do not plan on doing that before the ball game, just like before you begin a science project then sit on the bench and twiddle your thumbs!!
It is pathetic that people would hesitate to ask a question these days. They are giving themselves permission to die for hunger. Why do people care so much what other people think about them? Here is my thought on that. Everybody knows that it is this unspoken rule that their friends will get rid of them. Back in the 8th grade at age 14, I remember classmates telling each other the word "Rejected." same goes here subconciously as an adult. I am going to confess right now that I was rejected as a kid and will say that if someone else is unable or reluctant to accept you for who you are they are not your friends anyway. The real reason I recommend that I stay away from people who are not your friends because during the difficult times, they are more likely to give you more trouble than anyone else does much more than your fair share.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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