Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Monday, October 4, 2010

Only You Are Responsible For Your Success In Network Marketing Today Nobody Else

Everybody knows that a leader in network marketing today is responsible for their own success and nobody else is. Although all network marketing millionaires had a mastermind group to help them be successful, they did not transfer their responsibility to someone else. They were teachable and they listened to the leader whom they decided to join based on know, like and trust. And all the top leaders in mlm knew when they signed that application that they would be successful because of their efforts and they would fail because of their lack of work.
As you grow into that leader that others are going to approach, you are going to run into people who want you to do the work for them. You can not afford to do that. Because you will then turn into a follower due to the fact that they are going to drag your energy down and it will take you out of this industry. Look at what goes on in conventions, they give special dinners for the leaders who have earned their way into success because they qualified for a certain pin level and they take them on leadership trips for the exact same reason. Since network marketing is a business where people without any college education or even highschool diploma enter, there are people who have been willing to learn something new and embrace it. Nobody was born as a salesman in the hospital.
Those people who want to drag you down in your business are the ones who want you to give them the fish. There is an old saying that you give a fish a man you feed him for a day, and when you teach a man how to fish then he can fish on his own for a lifetime. The ones who drag you down are looking for a reason to quit. They have quit marriages, they have quit school and they are a professional quitter. It is just like a person who has jumped from job to job for some lame excuse.
If you have not already consider this thought of working with leaders do it today not tommorow. Tommorow never arrives. Just ask them what did they do to be successful, and if you can not find a leader who you admire then do yourself a favor and read books about Lincoln on Leadership and Rich Dad Poor Dad. Because Robert Kyoaski is someone who had made millions in the early 80's and lost it all. Became homeless and lived in a car for a while and had on occasion a job that he can put food in his stomach. In the next few years which was from 1985-1989 way before the internet he became a millionaire in real estate.
We have it much easier with the internet regardless of any business. So if we do not take advantage for the success stories on line, the e-books on line and success at our fingertips, we will regret this lost opportunity.
Every Wednesday I am working with a mastermind group and I am part of the 30 day Mental Cleanse done hosted by my good friend and mentor Michael Dloughy. Abraham Lincoln once said that he will sharpen the ax for four hours and do the work for two hours. That means working twice as hard on yourself than you do for your business. Because you want to have other leaders attracted to you, not the scrubs!! Just like if you ask your friend on the basketball team what happened to the scrubs. He will tell you that they cut them.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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Lawrence Bergfeld

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