Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark

Me and Jerry Di Rhino Clark
At Ripley Studios In NYC

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Most Fundamental MLM Truth Is Avoiding The Management Trap

The biggest mlm truth is to avoid the management trap or else you can't build a business. It does not matter if you have been around for over a decade. This is a simple business but not an easy one. Many distributors make it hard on themselves by doing activities that will make the prospect tell him that he did a great presentation, however the prospect could not duplicate what he did. The worst part of it is if it frequently happens then you have created yourself a job. Another big mistake that distributors do is spend too much time with the prospect on their first phone conversation. By spending 20 minutes with a prospect on the phone, you have ruined the whole thing. Regardless of how enthusiastic you are, you are being judged as a desperate person. It is no different when you are on someones back with respect to things outside of mlm.

In order for this relationship business to work out, if the prospect has a question do yourself a favor and send him to the website for the answer. He can have a very busy schedule and if he keeps on doing what he does he is going to get the same results. Your job is to be a professional pointer by letting him know where he can look up the answer quickly.

If the message has been spread by 20 team members per day with each person speaking to two people each day for a month and lets say half of them joined you. That is 1120/2= That is 560 people in your organization per month.

Lawrence Bergfeld

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  1. Hey Lawrence

    Great post here and very true..If people want to be managers then go into the corporate world and be told what to do as oppose to being shown what to do..Management and mentor-ship don't mix any better than water and oil do.

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